Monday, November 12, 2018

Android 7 deleted from telephone and Android 5 installed on one instead

Charging phone last night came with price of having files deleted and even operating system changed. The worst was again radiation that left me all beaten up...
Video can be also seen at

Telephone erased and even changed to Android 5 from Android 7 after leaving one to charge for an hour

I also explained exactly how KGB murdered Polish people in Poland between 1998 and 2006(and still does) for the pleasure of it. 

Polish people the best people in the world. Not even Slovenian people whose native I am and who had Serbian tanks(planes dropping bombs) on streets just few years earlier before I was publicly tortured in city of Novo mesto - own town, have stood up for me like Polish did...glad to be here and proud of Polish humanity !!!

Thank you <3 Poland

I love you !!!

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