Saturday, October 23, 2021

As far as Afterlife people - people officially gone with newly issued gov. ids

 Once pronounced as dead, DO NEVER EVER approach to me anywhere near as if you do I will consider you as direct life threat of highest possible degree. There is none and there never ever will be an exception to this rule. 

I met a good number of people(SPECIALLY GOOD LOOKING WOMEN - GOVERNMENTS WANTED TO KNOW ALL ABOUT MY TASTE FOR EVERY FEMALE) involved in MK Ultra whom governments did made disappear, but this is to let governments know that if reason was to afterwards introduce them in my life or even attempt to establish afterlife option for me through them - its a NO NO

And thank you for a very fast response(interesting enough how fast once I moved here seen, but posted right back once obtained response news - same evening)

Halyina is Ukrainian, but most likely Russian Ukrainian. Irish(biggest Russian collaborators on West) combination plot.

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