Wednesday, October 27, 2021

The more squeezed against wall with truth, the bigger gains they reported

I's a world they created(in their heads and on our screens), where they never lose - almost world which they referred to me as a therapy rather than most severe torture based on spine breaking and cancer stop of forced unemployment. 

Therapy where for each abuse I cited them with they acknowledged one with also as is seen above to point me at financial claims they made to me in front of domestic and eastern politicians. A possibility against which, however, Milan Kucan Borut Pahors UDBA KGB protested against till London Berlin begun to insist me in only, 2015 since,  if I get along with them as they are main witnesses of agreement - thus again undermining existence of Slovenian nation my right to Slovenian nationality for the sake of Moscow and Belgrade 

Violating own MK Ultra torture terms of 1995 to 2015 something to what Kucan Pahor UDBA KGB laughed at in my face but was proceeded by German side with I cite,"and when you will not want money any longer we  will pay them a little to kill you that's all" - Ursula von der Layen.

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