Thursday, October 28, 2021

From case of my own

 First was a torture - physical destruction brain burning procedure accompanied with powerful drugs - psychiatry withing torture was growing stronger and stronger job game was becoming stronger and stronger - systematic forced unemployment grew into total shutdown of employment opportunity of any kind since was time to go but clowns followed and whole thing turned via forced unemployment during all savings were exhausted on two continents in 2012 finally into psychiatric ward imprisonment on what spine breaking and cancer routines followed up along psychiatry against me - in final stages I learned about COVID19 tourist bones incentives next to threats with psychiatry in case I would only approach to employment agency...lost 28 years like this. You people are on your way to lose humanity. Related to 

This is what you want !!????? 

Germans acted normal for a while after WWII loss withing newly established European Union, but not past union's enlargement - they wasted no time to use one against own European Union member states....what do you think will happen WITH YOU when these people get whatever they got ahold of in the past !!????

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