Friday, October 29, 2021

West used for torture in SLOVENIA companies where TARGETED BOSNIAN CROATIAN SLOVENIAN people worked

 Its nothing but a blood trail from Novo mesto to Sevnica because of people that were here over teh course of the years. Whole thing was UDBA war operation supported by West against existence of Slovenian, Croatian, and Bosnian states. Just as I explained in details They used NUMEROUS females whom they promised my hand and $$$ if they marry me to murder people - divide and destroy them and country for the sake of Belgrade Moscow. Numerous females next to political lies they accomplished with beatings. Interesting enough Von der Layen insisted me on how I will not be capable to talk about this or that company because one is related to sensitive issues(explained above), but evidently RECOGNIZED CRIME FOR GERMAN SIDE about absolutely everything - from spine breaking to stated above.

@Germany, USA, Great Britain - you directly supported criminal operations and FINANCED THEM on behalf of Moscow/Belgrade what made problems even greater beyond impossible to deal with.

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