Sunday, June 24, 2018

Will have to make detailed video also on Andrej Šiško, Dr. Leo Vovk(was here), and Lojze Peterle

Have a lots of useful information even on Dr. Leo Vovk...Vovk is yet another traitor just like Šiško is...he doesn't care even a bit about his Slovenian just an American agent. I cite criminal, "I help, but my boss is America and for you Bush already decided you are gone to Israel"(this is what all three with Peterle had in mind).

No wonder I was like a dead meat and with me numerous other Slovenian people...they want to use me as example to other Slovenian people per what can be done with them if unwilling to get into Yugo partnership.

Traitor next to traitor...WAKE UP SLOVENIA !!!

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