Monday, June 25, 2018

VIDEO - ENGLISH - SLOVENIAN TRAITORS(deep state) EXPOSED: Who Andrej Šiško, Lojze Peterle, and Leon Vovk are

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Slovenian Americans are crucial for survival of our small Slovenian nation, but it is also crucial for their survival to know and understand whom they deal with(whom to choose to represent their interests and why).

No Slovenian abroad should after-all care for ethnically cleansed and turned into Great Serbia country known as Slovenia(this is happening at large - over 8.000 native Slovenes are thrown out of Slovenia per year and replaced foremost by Serbs as over 107 leaves Serbia per day...Serbs which arrive to Slovenia assume last names from Slovenian partners and are therefore almost invisible within society...Slovenian parliament have stolen over 40 billion USD from Slovenian taxpayers since 1991 and have used them to rebuild Serbia - Serbia owes today 30 billion USD and Slovenia 46...look at the sizes of the countries and facts from the past who owed what or I should say where money in Yugoslavia used to come from hysterically...Slovenian parliament have therefore rewarded Serbian military aggression on Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, and on Kosovo which NATO stopped).

Serbia have just as Russia signed contract with new Germany(West = GB, France, Italy) in respect to mutual neonazi cooperation and believes how one will simply squeeze Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia, and Kosovo into non existence(same as Russia believes will do in addition to stolen Crimes and Eastern Part of Ukraine with entire Ukraine, Poland, and so on).



NATION THAT BEHAVES INCOMPETENT(such was my case when my own natives/people have watched me being tortured infront of Belgrade torturers 7 years after independence, and have even contributed to one) is seen as such also by other nations and is therefore erased. We were and are at war in Slovenia since so called independence...situation is indifferent from the one in Ukraine.

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