Monday, June 25, 2018

Russian people shouldn't allow hatred(KREMLIN IS DIVISION AND HATRED) to hide itself behind word "Russian/Russia" and nor should they Balkanize itself via Putin

Kremlin always uses in media "Ukrainian, Polish, German, French"(they don't call for names or name capitals, but punish instead whole nations in respect to negative news) and so on...never names(I use terms such as Moscow and Belgrade deliberately to avoid anti sentiment against people) as do in respect to Russia(even Serbia).

Russia is also not Serbia(not people and culture wise). There is a huge difference between the two when it comes to attitude(culture) of the people. 

Russian people are warm and accepting...Russian intellectuals are intellectually(sensitive for all sorts of issues) oriented(no such thing is new Serbia if ever was any different...they are violent, wild, unrealistic, and unwilling to accept any responsibilities in respect to most heinous crimes which they committed).

Russian people shouldn't balkanize itself and should resist aggressive(good for nobody politic that is pushing even for sickening war against brotherly Slavic nations) type of politic which is coming from Kremlin.

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