Monday, June 18, 2018

VIDEO - V Slovenskem jeziku and in English - Snorkeling mask red like a blood and no right to be in the kitchen - Maska za potapljanje krvavo rdeče barve in mamino razbijanje radija v kuhinji zaradi moje prisotnosti

Audio posnetek v Slovenskem jeziku se začne v 49 minuti in 42(sek.)

When in store, father called me with question if "blood red" color snorkeling mask would be okay - exactly as instructed by police in 2005/2006(I have audio recorded conversation and have proof about one) will take place if I will go too far.

Yesterday mother twisted radio volume because  was in the kitchen minding nothing but my own business(Kitchen because it was 27 or more degrees calcium in my room - all I did was worked on my laptop)

After she left, I turned radio off. Upon her return to the kitchen at least half an hour latter, she ordered(yelled at me) me to leave radio blasting in kitchen even during her absence(all audio recorded - both of this incidents). Told me angrily so even when asking her if its got to be this way during her absence...

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