Saturday, June 23, 2018

Clinton finally regains sanity and enough courage to face murderous Kremlin's lunatic face to face: Hillary Clinton attacks Vladimir Putin as leader of 'white supremacist and xenophobic movement'

A single phone call from Kremlin would end Serbian massacre in Croatia, Bosnia, Slovenia, and on Kosovo. But not...Kremlin rather played stupid and saw/heard/knew nothing about what wen on on territory of ex Yugoslavia for NO LESS THAN 8 YEARS(its how long Serbs have massacred other nations on Balkans on what NATO finally stepped in) !!! Even with bombardment of Serbia, Serbs didn't stop...after capitulation to NATO, Serbs begun to appeal to the world via Russia as victims of NATO aggression and have even suggested law suit against NATO. And its so because red coated gestapo in Slovenia have paid Serbs even for aggression on Slovenia, on Croatia, on Bosnia, and on Kosovo(over 40 billion USD were stolen from Slovenian taxpayers and transferred to Serbia via Slovenian parliament) and because Russia didn't admit its fold in Balkan's is easier to blame for others than to admit own I right !!??????
Clintons seems to have learned via my own case just how dangerous Putin and his Kremlin are....because it doesn't matter what they got from you through to you - what matters is that one they deal with must be screwed in the end(I should say all the way to the end as this was case of my own). Clintons are on that same list with me and they know it....

West classified Vladimir Putin(already under MKULTRA) as totally insane individual - a lunatic. My life after MKULTRA only confirmed previous thesis as per whom world deals with. The aggressive direction which Russia is taking toward brotherly Slavic nations...willingness to engage in repeated genocide against same victims(Ukraine, Poland and so on), clearly explain what is happening...not only are homosexuals suffering in Russia, but also Russians who dare to step on the streets in the middle of the day in the middle of the Moscow to express their right to free speech...

'We can see this authoritarian movement rippling out from the Kremlin, reaching across Europe and beyond,' the former Democratic presidential candidate says

Former Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has hit out at Russian President Vladimir Putin, describing him as the leader of a “white supremacist and xenophobic movement”  which is designed to “weaken America’s traditional alliances and undermine democracy.”

The former secretary of state did not mince words when discussing the Mr Putin during a lecture at Trinity College Dublin, and declared that Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election - which is the subject of multiple investigations in the US Congress and the FBI - as a "clear and present danger" to Western democracy.

“Vladimir Putin has positioned himself as the leader of an authoritarian, white-supremacist and xenophobic movement that wants to break up the EU, weaken America’s traditional alliances and undermine democracy,” Ms Clinton said. ”We can see this authoritarian movement rippling out from the Kremlin, reaching across Europe and beyond. It’s emboldening right-wing nationalists, separatists, racists and even neo-nazis.“

The Democratic National Committee was repeatedly attacked by Russian-linked hackers throughout the 2016 election cycle, according to the US intelligence community, with the apparent aim of damaging Ms Clinton. Mr Putin denied the Kremlin was involved in working to undermine the election process in America, adding that the content of emails leaked via the hacks was more important than who was behind it. 

Donald Trump then echoed those sentiments, refusing to admit Russia was likely the culprit of the attacks against his presidential opponent. “It could be Russia, but it could also be China,” he said during a presidential debate with Mrs Clinton. ”It could also be lots of other people. It also could be somebody sitting on their bed that weighs 400 pounds.”

Mrs Clinton has continued speaking out against Russia’s alleged impact on the 2016 election and the current White House administration, most recently raising over $1.5m to aid children separated from their families at the border due to Mr Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy. The hardline immigration rule imposed by Attorney General Jeff Sessions “may amount to torture,” according to a statement issued by the UN's Human Rights Council.

“We are living through an era when fundamental rights, civic virtue, even facts and reason are under assault like never before,” Mrs Clinton added.

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