Sunday, June 17, 2018

State of Israel to charge(indict) Sarah Netanyahu for food related expenses worth two bottles of Dom Pérignon(Rose Gold) - what cost was to host foreign politicians in her residence for two years and half without cook

Not exactly a good commercial for Israel as state related matters like this are normally settled behind closed doors without any access even to domestic public(related to specially when leaders such as Netanyahu are in question(do you want new leader like others have these days and who does nothing but protects/hides his name from society !!???).

From article, "punishment such as a fine, a suspended sentence or community service" <== hmmmummm, but what is she doing if not community service 24/7 along her hubby !!??? 
You will send her to clean streets for saving money to state of Israel(even home cook costs way more than what she spent on state related meals within two years and half) !!??? I think great idea and also make sure to appoint street cleaner to the office when she is doing his job(no wonder she lost nerves with you).

No, I do not drink alcohol(unless in company with really really good looking girl that does ;) and know so far for only one like that)...even beer is non alcoholic and most often on my menu is water(milk here and then), but you have to utilize logic when it comes to hosting foreign top diplomats.

Sara Netanyahu likely indicted next week in residence affair

The Jerusalem District Attorney's Office is expected to file an indictment against the prime minister's wife next week after police conclude investigation in the case; no significant progress made with her lawyers on settlement.

Barring any last minute developments, the Jerusalem District Attorney's Office is expected to file an indictment against the prime minister's wife, Sara Netanyahu, in the residence affair next week.

Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit and State Attorney Shai Nitzan are expected to make the final decision on whether to indict this coming week.

Mrs. Netanyahu is facing charges of fraudulently obtaining benefits under aggravated circumstances, fraud and breach of trust.
The police recently wrapped up additional lines of inquiry following testimony from state's witness Nir Hefetz, the Netanyahu family's former media advisor, but those did not produce any significant information in the case.

So far, there has also been no meaningful progress in the Jerusalem District Attorney's Office's talks with Mrs. Netanyahu's legal team over the past month on a "conditional settlement" that would bring the case to a resolution without trial.

Such a settlement would entail Mrs. Netanyahu admitting to the details of the indictment, but not her culpability. She would also accept, according to the settlement, a punishment such as a fine, a suspended sentence or community service.
At the end of the week, Mrs. Netanyahu's legal team has asked to renew talks about the settlement, but legal officials say this will unlikely delay an indictment.

A senior judicial source said that if the case does make it to court, the talks could serve as a basis for a plea deal with Mrs. Netanyahu.

Attorney General Mandelblit set two conditions to a settlement: First, Mrs. Netanyahu must pay back a considerable sum from the NIS 359,000 she allegedly misused rather than a symbolic payment. Then, talks can begin on a plea deal in which the prime minister's wife will admit to a lion's share of the charges and accept responsibility for her actions.
Mrs. Netanyahu's lawyers have reportedly offered to have her pay over NIS 200,000 of the money, but the State Attorney's Office rejected the proposal out of hand.

According to the indictment, from the beginning of September 2010 at the latest and until March 2013, Sara Netanyahu acted in conjunction with former deputy director-general of the Prime Minister's Office Ezra Saidoff to create a false impression according to which no cook was employed at the prime minister's official residence in Jerusalem.
The pair allegedly colluded to circumvent regulations that stated that if no cook was employed at the official residence, "prepared cooked food could be ordered to the residence according to need."

In so doing, the pair supposedly sought to obtain state financing both for employing the cooks working at the residence and for ordering ready-made meals and chefs to cook at the residence.

Funding for hundreds of meals from chefs and restaurants was thus allegedly obtained, costing the public NIS 359,000.

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