Tuesday, June 26, 2018

WORLD IS AT THE FIRM WWIII BEGINNING'S STAGES: Trump will get(is pushing for one) Ukraine in war with Russia and US will get into war with Mexico

It is happening folks....
Ukraine is depicted(scapegoated) these days by main stream media in a darkest light possible, not such case with Russia where Russian people alone are beaten up and jailed  in the middle of the day ion the middle of the Moscow. And what we see is happening is not happening because of Trump, but already because of what George Bush started and Putin finally signed in 2007.

What you see here is what George W. Bush(John McCain) provided for the sake of Russian attack on Ukraine. NOTHING so far was provided to Ukraine other than sanctions against one. And for that we have to thank Poroshenko who acts as if all is normal.
Even bus used on polygon has colors of Ukrainian flag...very serious Russian provocation.

What Ukraine is portrayed now even that one was victim of neonazism in WWII and that neonazism is far more advanced in Russia where nothing is reported(all the news is hushed - controlled).

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