Tuesday, June 19, 2018

My complain submitted to ICC

I believe in struggle of Russian people in Russia, but not in Serbian. I do not believe in a such a hateful nation and never ever will. It was too tough for me in Yugoslavia from where I ran at age 23 and then what they have done against me via Moscow in USA and in so called Slovenia tells me all I need to know.

Putin gestured in 2006 on how one(just as 2018 soccer games in Russia - they gestured on how one would be used to impress Russian apparatchiks on how great "corruption" can be if international....GB, Germany would even let Russia score victory on this soccer games, if Kremlin would be impressed enough) will be used to deepen cooperation between West and Kremlin ONLY(Kremlin wants Ukraine and Poland and beyond and West wants old colonies and more back), but lets see what will happen. World is a bit bigger than Putin - you never know and am not going anywhere any time soon ;)

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