Saturday, June 16, 2018

Tiny Slovenia owes over 46 billion Dollars in external debt, but not because Slovenian natives would benefit from one

Its because money(accumulated debt) is given gratis to Serbia which consequently owes only 30 billion Dollars in external debt. 

Situation not only reminds of the one in Ukraine - it is in fact identical diabolic plan supported by the West(contract obtained via global imperial neonazi takeover of the world). Words of American side to me during MKULTRA were "we will not assist you in case you will have conflict with Russia and Serbia since we have agreement" because we will not be capable too...

ON ONE SIDE SERBIAN CHETNIK WITH AID OF RED COATED GESTAPO(same as home-guard or "domobranec", but in red uniforms - native Slovenian collaborators with Serbian chetniks) CLAIMING HOW NEONAZISM AND FASCISM ARE BAD(really are and am not saying that are not) AND ARE CRYING "DISCRIMINATION" AND ON THE OTHER SIDE(AT THE SAME TIME) YOU HAVE CROATIAN AND SLOVENIAN NATIVE POPULATION GENOCIDED(exiled - decimated and murdered via psychiatry) !!!

Pay attention how purely armed is Slovenian and even Croatian military compared to Serbian despite much greater amounts of money invested in defense industry(Croatian situation is also questionable).
Eastern Europe is under attack, and nations which can't defend basic needs of own people should be considered by world as incompetent and parish forever !!!

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