Thursday, June 28, 2018

Directed energy attacks continue - got 4 hours of sleep

Just as my neighbor suggested...I only have to increase power of radiation and thats that.
For this bent aluminum object which is placed above my room in attic area, my neighbor Dane Kolenc told me my bones will look like...
For this(eyes drops), my parents told me that this will be placed on table for me to get used to insulin as it will be all to late for me(its like this in the middle of the table for three weeks already)...

Local pharmaceutical company Krka is advertising on their billboard what you see here for over half an year already.
Now Slovenian president Pahor have me meet this very individual(or doppelganger) in 2006 and they presented me with this very future commercial(told me on how I will look like and what they will do with me).

There is more....will have video coming on this subject.

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