Tuesday, June 19, 2018

SERBIA IS FAKE: I no longer believe in Belgrade numbers suggesting on how 107 Serbs leave Serbia daily

I believe in what I see is happening in Slovenia(numerous or native people leave for good to the West and not in Serbia and are replaced by Serbs who play victims and in Slovenia and in Serbia - they claim discrimination and racism and in reality are engaging in  genocide against us in what should have been our own countries) and to myself. 

I believe what I see is happening in Serbia(extreme hatred after they burned with war Croatia, Bosnia, Kosovo, and even Slovenia). I believe what I experienced in Yugoslavia and do not believe that Milosevic was the only guilty for what happened(they loved him just as love Seselj/Vucic today)...

I believe that we must liberate Slovenia from domestic traitors(those domestic traitors who pledged via our Slovenian taxpayers to pay to Serbia for all the evil one have done to Croatia, Bosnia, Kosovo and to Slovenia - its this domestic traitors that gave the right for Serbian aggression on our countries and its them who placed our tiny country in debt for 46 billion Dollars to rebuild Serbia and make one look good in eyes of those whom one have enslaved by domestic traitors - preko domacih izdajalcov) to become free souverain nation as for right now, we are in same situation as we were in Serboslavia(we are controlled and governed from Belgrade same as Kiev is from Moscow).

I do not believe in Poroshenko #2 known as Janez Janša who was replaced after genocidal maniac Borut Pahor left...

The one who believes in Serbian political schizophrenia is idiot who deserve to be thrown out of own country and spend his live jobless(rated by SErbs in his own country as insane and murdered).

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