Friday, June 29, 2018

Working on 4 hours long documentary...most revealing yet

Problems with telephones and computers tremendous yeah, but nothing will stop me.

This will be documentary on psychiatrists Vesna Švab and other local wannabes(she is protected even by US Government as American female psychiatrist involved in MKULTRA even threatened me in case I would turn against her - Švab and her husband who also is psychiatrist received money-funds from European union for involvement against me - just as niecećs husband did - EU neonazi apparatchiks would do anything to protect Moscow and Belgrade for stated reasons) which will all end behind bars. 

Vesna Švab, Cveto Gradišar, Zoran Mudža and his young assistant TERRORIZED LOCALS  in Novo mesto...have threatened them with psychiatry and social engineering issues if they would dare to open mouths...Švab went as far as harassing people on how to tream gardens and what to leave for tourists along the trail(in return jobs and other favors - incl. schooling in Ljubljana university - am I right Švab !!???? YOU HAVE A VERY SERIOUS PROBLEM AND I AM NOT GOING ANYWHERE ANY TIME SOON !!!).

They dreamed on luring me to Israel via abuse, but is NOT gonna happen. All trips are suspended here till I get what they owe me(to the last dime - I regulate when, how and so on...we have nothing to talk about till your financial obligations are met to make myself clear).

More on radiation and neighbor Dane Kolenc who even got either blueprint on how to make deadly directed energy weapon from Georger W. Bush or weapon via police...I cite George W. Bush, "I gave him also blueprint on how to make deadly directed energy weapon if needed" on what now chief of police insisted how there is nothing he can do to stop him and I would be killed if needed.

Dr Harold Bornstein gestured and gestured on gamma type of weapon...

One directed energy weapon was given to Kolenc by US Government to use against me on behalf of Belgrade and Russia(Putin and Vucic went crazy over this type of abuse - two lunatics have fallen in ecstasy), however, is with limited capacity and what he(or others for him as whole thing went and goes via Slovenian police) has produced according to given blueprint and is deadly...

Father(has hunting rifles and was so impressed) and Kolenc both bragged me just how powerful weapon Kolenc built and what one can do...

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