Monday, June 18, 2018

Slovenian police(Bojan Avbar/Janez Ogulin) exercised yet another threat today(I have audio recorded one) - all according to MKULTRA scenario

I have written on paper to father to purchase(since I have no transportation) a snorkeling mask...written on paper given to father prior to his departure was color of the mask(either black or blue) and for adults - snorkeling(all on special at Lidl store). Also my telephone number was written to him down on paper. Father was told to ask sellers if unsure before he left to the store - told to just handle them paper and they would give him the product.

When in store, father called me with question if "blood red" color mask would be okay - exactly as instructed by police in 2005/2006(I have audio recorded conversation and have proof about one) will take place if I will go too far.

I asked to him to read what was written to him on paper and he continued to act stupid(provocation as ordered by police)...I asked him if I can speak to sellers and have told sales lady what I would I like to get who promised to assist me, but seems that my father was not interested in her help as he took telephone from her hands into his hands and again continue to act again as if totally demented(police expected from me loss of tamper - any sort of reaction from me, but was instead told that he is audio recorded and why he is being audio a reason to audio record him, I have stated him that conversation concerns real police since people in mental condition he was in shouldn't operate vehicles on road)...

His last attempt to provocate on how I should just come to get my stuff from the store ended with my thanking him and hanging the telephone down(its when he thought on how I will bag him etc.)...

He did brought me the right color(blue) mask one hour latter.

It was well anticipated I would purchase new snorkeling mask due to severe winter situation this year...this is how and why.


Yesterday mother twisted radio volume because  was in the kitchen minding nothing but my own business(Kitchen because it was 27 or more degrees calcium in my room - all I did was worked on my laptop)

After she left, I turned radio off. Upon her return to the kitchen at least half an hour latter, she ordered(yelled at me) me to leave radio blasting in kitchen even during her absence(all audio recorded - both of this incidents). Told me angrily so even when asking her if its got to be this way during her absence...

Keep going guys - its all good as long as I record you.

Nothing to worry neighbors are whimps...the biggest cowards world have seen. They are only strong(brave enough to express their frustrations) when person is helpless(they dared to threaten under MKULTRA just as police did, but in real time nooo...its a bunch of cowards here in Novo mesto - Slovenia)...


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