Wednesday, June 20, 2018

WILL MAKE VIDEO ON THIS SUBJECT: Do you know what radicalized my opinion about Serbs as nation even more

Not only involvement of local chetniks in MKULTRA(Slobodan Jovič from Novo mesto for example) case, but also family "friends" such as Mitrovič family from family who called mother today(Serbian community follows up immediately on anything that is inconvenient for Serbian politics - they don't follow up on what they should follow up, but they are here in Slovenia to enforce chetnik laws along with their Slovenian servants against Slovenian, Bosnia, and Croat nations - THEY ARE HERE TO POLICE AND MURDER US).

This criminals(MITROVIČ FAMILY) were very much involved in MKULTRA torture and have even provided ride for me to a psychiatric hospital Ljubljana Polje to their padron Zoran Mudža because they "cared for me"(you see they love me - not because criminals tortured along with local police under total guidance of chetniks, but because they are motivated to help and concerned people...people always willing to help - thats how they pursued themselves as/its how they wanted to be seen as)...

I am disgusted(ready to vomit when I only think of this stinking cheating murderous lying creatures) in respect to backstabbing(traitorous) Serbian moral character...I got the best knowledge(understanding of one) of one.

Being polite with this people means to them for one only to be considered as stupid and necessary to destroy(that much about anti Croatian propaganda with which I was brought up). Not a single Croat or Bosnian or Albanian caused me any harm under MKULTRA in Eastern Europe(it was either Serb or Slovene)...

Mitrovič Zinka(wife - Slovenian) and husband Šani(Serbian born in Slovenia).

This Serbian gangster family have children in Ljubljana which all have doctoral degrees - local factory Krka took great care of them in return for crime.

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