Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Got 4.5 hours of sleep tonight - neighbor places hat infront of my room

Was 16 days free of what I feel now and it started as I went sleep(I could hear in the bed - nothing all day long for 16 days)...I heard neighbor downstairs as one ran in the house(0030 hours - I had a long walk). What is he using and on what distance is a good question. My cameras are off as those are turned off with jammers as pleased(there is no use of them - there is no way to fight micro cameras with giant cameras).

Attack started as I went in bed and had light on in the room(micro cameras), but was sure that in my aluminum made cage I would be okay....not so.

He left me a hat outside of the room as well(on terrace - as a laugh and as promised would do under MKULTRA).

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