Friday, June 22, 2018

Lets meet some people in person...will go to Ljubljana and Zagreb....Slovenian Serbochetniks have under MKultra orchestrated total lunacy in Novo mesto, but not in here mentioned towns.
They(together NOVO MESTO POLICE) dragged me to Qlandia under MKULTRA and were depicting me to local people as NEONAZI - warning whoever passed bye about me - more to terrorize me in respect to what you see here will take that to make any real difference.

What else than genocide claim...Serbs continue to stalk...I cute Borut Pahor, "there are many Serbs in Novo mesto and will kill you if you will continue to protest".

I know one thing...if the kill me, there won't be a single Serbs that will stay in Slovenia ;) not a single one. The one who should really worry about this the most are now Serbs who live in Slovenia and not about me, but instead those who created this shit(and for me and you).

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