Sunday, April 19, 2020

Last Obama post deleted by mistake.

Yes, I respect Obama's decision as was left without any other choice(either Joe or you wouldn't see one any more in political life), but know that Biden betrayed under all presidents mentioned on this news sites, knew all about MK Ultra case in which he was one of main players, and his son married neonazi Apartheid AWB female.

We need politician who will hold those who lost war against humanity just 70 years ago accountable and not someone who will coverup for them as case is with Joe.

With Trump on stage, world can clearly see what US became...with Biden who will be used even as Trump's protection(Biden will provide Trump with security clearance - protection from courts due to this case as just a beginning of my war with him and Bush) picture us blurry. No choice at all !!!!

A.O. Cortes or Nancy Palosy or other normal candidate didnt even stand chance. You were able to see Sanders fighting for marijuana rights rather than yours...normal candidates supresed via false poles at beginning stages. US politics = waste of my time. I will dedicate myself to my case instead and change cover photo to remind you from here on what you have.

So again, I respect Obama's choice as better than no choice at all. Obams who was involved in MK Ultra was otherwise always a very polite soft person. He unlike Trump, never acted violently. Good luck.

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