Wednesday, April 29, 2020

GAME OVER BAMBINO:l Lunatic from White House again rages at country 10 x times as strong as United States of America is today


1.5 billion country has majority of its workers fit and ready for work(well educated and ambitious - hungry for work supplying almost entire world with manufacturing as well as with own more and more frequent breaking edge technologies) vs TOTALLY failed United States of America where workforce(only 1/4 of Chinese) for the main part was left behind/ impoverished in the dark - fighting with anywhere from obesity to all sorts of other issues(not only health wise, but foremost broken moral due to scam - ruined public education system as well as all other by corruption eaten government sectors)

The worst arrived with open to neonazism US president Donald Trump whose politic is based on hatred and kneeing infront of other countris in hope those would allow him to exercise violence against Africa, South America as well as Asia/Md-East...and since no one pays attention to his Buckingham palace's ambitions, his end is closer and closer bye the day....with him dyeing out on a plane sight and greatly overdue is also end of a prison planet state's(USA - police the world) domination as we used to know in the past...

Well, Trump marked gloriously the end of human era suffering on earth with his presence on political stage and thanks to him, humanity was again reminded of its bloody(earth - who was behind one on earth since early beginnings) past.

China = so strong, so powerful that despite barking from White House and floating American British ships in China sea, one doesn't even bother to address pathetic politic which is running two countries into the certain grave. Is instead busy making deals...interested in work.
So strong that despite Coronavirus brought into the country by US Government and being accused of spreading one into the world from China by US Government, one doesn't bother itself by being bothered via mentally challenged US president even a little bit...

Instead working forward toward its goals and offering help other in need.

What that means !!????

It means THE END OF RAGING LUNATIC IS IN NEAR FUTURE...the unsuspected problem has in it(could be - we will see about it) the same destiny for Buckingham palace on whose behalf W. H. luno became mainly involved against China on the first place !!!

And why anger on China !!???

Because China rejected NEONAZISM straight into their face as the way to go is why !!! Certain it will work somehow via lies/manipulations and even for the cost of bullying one - they failed.

Refused to be on a nazi bully train is why :))))


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