Wednesday, April 15, 2020

In Poland to dedicate myself to appartment and job search I guess - along issues related to health which they prepared themself to in advance and acknowledge them as future events via forced unemplyment/psychiatry torture endured in Slovenia/USA

There isn't much to add to this. I am 48 years old now...doesn't have much with sanity issues(we will see if you remember and what you remember) in any way as you see...more with driving individual totally insane via torture. Related to 

I cite William when subjected to MKultra "Its when you are in a freezing garage and photo you will see ...what did we say photo will be about !!???? Crises dummy...mental crises - about you"...
Thy had me inside in here demonstrated what will look like what will be and wash my brain over and over agan about future garage event in Poland. Its all I need to know about this brute and his brother.

I was told under MKultra by Donald Trump alone will rip me apart by compelling me into apartment search till destroyed(already am with broken spine as can't perform almost any physical jobs out there - meant take all savings away).

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