Monday, April 20, 2020

Queen talked about organising next in Poland a car crash from rear

Andrew about breaking me neck next if I wouldn't keep mouths shut.

They did followed up with "if nothing" news on me yesterday.

There is a bunch of new via main stream media that was released which clearly explains who was behind what issue. That is unless someone would have have found out in advance for future news release and have one released but their attitude was hostile in UK alone and I see no reason for "but" as allways is/was case with this parasites. If they would treat own British with respect, there would never ever be "but", but " but" as I explained is cheaper. I thank God was not born in country like Britain is.

They are violent bruts whose crime nature is limitless. They campained for Hitler till war broke out...they campained for one against British society after WW2...

Bye the way, already from your signatures, I can tell you that your education background is extremely poor. There id a serious lack of mental strenght visible in them - lack for precision and what resulted over the years in super memory deterioration despite eating eggs and beautiful 8 hour(rather more and far better food) sleeps. 12+ years younger than myself too..very very poor.

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