Monday, April 27, 2020

This MK Ultra case that went on in Poland was controlled 100% by Americans(sorry to use such term, but you owe yourself a piece of honesty in one)

From beginning to the end, Americans(Trumpsters) who dragged me back and forth specially between 1996 to mid 2006 when brought for torture from USA only, have only observed for any possible signs/emotions which would involve locals in case(those got involved for variety of reasons - most because they wanted to help and some for money). These if deemed as appropriate were then assisted assigned certain tasks(TOLD EVEN WHAT THEY ARE ALLOWED TO SAY AND WHAT NOT WHEN WE MEET IN REAL TIME) on which Kaczynski/Duda team(waiters picking orders) followed up to ensure first quality of betrayal service. One situation led into another and strangely enough you see me on here today.

Has nothing to do with real Poland. Has nothing to do with real Poles, but all with above described process designed to wear/tear/break one down for the cost of his spine via human conscious for the sake of those who paid in for and even for politicians alone who took some weird in respect to Polish past stands against Poland alone !!!

Buckingham palace provided with no less than THREE locations in Poland during my 19 month stay here. 


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