Tuesday, April 21, 2020

There were two kinds of Pollacks so far in Poland

The good and the bad one. And while the good one quietly sided with me, his doors to me were locked to me for the sake of the bad one(its where I would get beaten up - that only selected according to MK Ultra employers/ rentals would come up for me is a bit too strange). They both gave clues about what went on(confirmed during ongoing beatings my identifying them)here with me in the past, but with exception of few(like waitress in Grotnikah lets say and few others whom I will not forget) none was was willing to admit whole thing as was.

Israel dreamed about saving me, Ukraine did, and even Putin/ Lukashenko would offer me refuge($$$$)....all willing to save me from myself I guess. To a better place from where even dogs and cats would escape if they only could.

Andrew dreamed about wiping me brain and waking me up on another location somewhere...guaranteed was done many times before with what he referred as "great success rate".

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