Tuesday, April 28, 2020

I will repeat to you all(Have nothing to do with "can you do it for Bobby" and so on)

Several Americans in Lodz contemplated on killing Donald Trump in either 2005, 2006 - prior to their departure back to US. 

Claimed one swindled them into unbearable abuse here in Poland - they did go through 10% I did, but I can understand their point. They became poor like never before and probably never after...dehumanized/abused only God knows what was done to them.

Completely can understand their point and this not due to physical part alone, but foremost ripped apart shoes, clothing and so on...at their final stages they appeared almost homeless. They have had American watchdogs over their heads who eavesdropped everything that went on...all went to Trump's attention.

What Trump promised them or were told will be here in Poland, I have no clue...individual who I have spotted on Facebook yesterday was one of the toughest men. Its probably why he somehow stayed...amazing stuff.

Trump brought on picture to Poland in late stages few happier guys who he made circumstances less dramatic, but in 2005/2006 this is what picture was...abuse baby on one side of the picture and night life for the selected politicians/elite on other...almost the Sodom and Gomorrah alike madness.Trumpomania


Can you do it for Bobby !!??? Can you do that for Boby... 

I am not surprised enemies begun to multiply around me in US for all directions possible. Bobi was my nick name in US.
Some left, but Trump offered them cash I guess to find way back to Poland...and when you even have psychologist life threatening you as case was at one point when American psychologist snapped out that he will whack me in front of another American psychologist came out with theory that I actually work with Trump against him due to abuse he endured - its time to ask myself again all about what truly went on in US. Some other American MK Ultra staff members beside mentioned psychologist(don't think other psychologist didn't take his side - I was drugged up and had two on other end mad as hell when driving back to Zgierz), life threatened me because of what went on in Poland as well...

The thing is, I had ZERO to do with Trump. Had nothing to do and will have nothing to do beside court(criminal subpoena) invitation in one.

This individual ruined my life in US from all directions possible...placed in their heads need to sacrifice for the sake of some "Bobi" whom he created in his head to bully people into bitter ends. What should be his own people.

If not a total tragedy, one would laugh to it...but innocent people were dying for his stupidities and I lost no less than 25 years of life. 


What it meant as is written in title where I mention "Can you do it for Bobby"  !!???? 

It meant as I have explained that I would be crowned in Poland and that staff members would accept insane assignments for that purpose which; however, awaited me. In some case I understand they also acted as insane to make me look good in future ordeal is what I was told. That it would help Poland, but facts strongly points in completely other direction - me being abused to the point as explained and all along discouraged with stay in Poland. Further inciting me in extreme hatred against Poland and via main stream media grooming me to become enemy #1 of the Polish nation for the sake of contract which Duda made with Merkel. Giving me physical proofs in hands about just "how evil" Poles are. This is what reality was and is. Nothing but lies behind, "can you do it for Bobby". A fiction/fable whatever you want to call it. It would be also nice as told by Charles if I could take burdain(load - https://www.google.com he too was involved in MK Ultra and have heavily opposed nazism/Trump) on myself also in respect to Harry who f*** around with numerous young women and wore nazi swastika on his parties...that would be nice too and not a big deal since I was/am guilty for it all. This is what Royals foremost shopped in Poland for.

I see now this man ruined my life in more multiple way I imagined and had NO slightest clue about what went on...people also need to educate themselves on MK Ultra subject to understand what this is at all.

I am sorry for you guys for what happened to you. Have nothing to do with any of it.


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