Monday, April 20, 2020

SYSTEMATIC DEATH VIA FEARMONGERING: We will have viruses much much worse and much more frequent just as Bill Gates stated

Its Polish DNA that is of even greater concern to them and Pollacks are via Kaczynski/Duda on their neonazi boat as we can observe. Related to(WRITTEN 3 YEARS AGO)

In short(article upgrade), viruses such as Coronaviruses leave track/writing on our DNAs. With release of several such viruses over period of time as our DNAs get modified, you could easily get read of certain population withing the population if you understand the meaning of stated here. Your DNA may be(99% certainty for Eastern Europe) on death list. The enemy within enemy - the one you don't see at all. Major genocides start with small secrets, grow into even bigger secrets(mine was small compared to Coronavirus for which Lodz city also knew) and those in here stated...the 1000 years old dream is turning into dream come truth. Your little masks, soap bars/gels, and even future combinesons(bio suits) which you will use to getto work and back and possibly during work and with which you will shower prior to taking your shower, will not save you...fear =equals= death.

Out of two trillions as Trump stated would be spent on Coronavirus, US government spent close to nothing so far. 100% nothing on handing out per government must masks which people must use in public life... US Government handed single payout and even that one was totally unsufficient for majority of US population...with minimum rent of $650/750 US Dollars per month, average payout per entire household ranges at $1400 and up to $1800 per month for those who used to make at least $51.000 per year - poorest are again hit most(less than $25.000 per year/household). So then imagine how hard it is for them to pay may sound a lot if money to you elsewhere on planet, but for US population/minorities its nothing more than economic bio genocide.

TPC found that the lowest-income households (those with incomes of about $25,000 or less) would receive an average payment of $1,480 and their after-tax income would increase by nearly 11 percent. Middle-income households (those making between about $51,000 and $91,000) would get a payment of about $1,810, on average, or about 3 percent of their after-tax income.

Super expensive ventilation(THIS IS WHERE THE MONEY WILL GO - BUT NOT TO BENEFIT YOU; ITS FOR PREPERATION OF FUTURE BIOWARFARE PURPOSES IN CASE YOU HAVEN'T REALIZED YET) systems are not there to fight Coronavirus and they won't be there for most of you even when second, third, fourth and God knows what Mr. Gates also had in mind - virus will be released...only perhaps for few percents of entitled population...think about it...I just met government instigator who walked down the street and with mask and with plastic cover over his face - didn't like idea of my taking photo of his gear once I explain him purpose for one...WAKE UP OR...

Don't be surprised if your looks change in your countries completely over time(several generations)...don't be shocked(you will not be, but your grand grand kids may observe phenomena) if you observe less and less familiar faces in your environment...whatever.

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