Saturday, April 25, 2020

Told by Americans if not talking to one if not accepting whatever offered - I am as good as dead

They repeated bullying from MK Ultra yesterday involving individual who on first sight with mask on closely reminded of William. Then first responders walked bye and ambulance vehicle was parked very near I stated in previous post, lots of Slavic diplomats were very angry with Polish see everything through money attitude.
I have nothing to talk about with Buckingham palace outside of the courtroom about. And while bullying with black(almost half I observed on streets have them) masks goes on throughout Lodz as action of solidarity with London against me, I continue to cope with it all. Everything, however, is not so bad...some important people signaled me positive news too which I hope will see.
Any kind of nazism, any kind of solidarity with those who ruined my life will be condemned most strictly. If I had to leave this city/country, you too will become in my eyes part of them - something I have to accent you already are seen as by many outside of Poland.

Your king as I told you already repeatedly when subjected to torture in Poland is the one with deep pockets in London. There is no need for one to run all over Canada and LA when he could be here with you.

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