Saturday, April 25, 2020

Time in Poland flies fast - to nowhere

Sleep not allowed. Technology to torture used same one as in Grotnikah. Makes veins and muscles stretch like crazy in sleep. Causes severe pain during 5/6 hours long sleep. I cite individual with Canadian American citizenship, "I will spare you by not affecting your head as was told to do as is too horrible to use this anyways" went on blasting in the kitchen till 0330am on what I knocked on individual's door at 0430am - its when one stopped. I am not allowed to stay in he kitchen for other than to prepare food and that shouldn't be even 5 minutes(can leave one to cook, but not stay in there while is cooking and nor am I allowed to eat at the table in the kitchen its how all started). Time flies fast in Poland...before good night sleep, I was trying to use internet via sim card which clerk refused to register in Zabka store(know her since 2013 if not even 2010) - she supposedly did afterwards, but was asking me while registering one via American passport for pesel(Polish ID #) number. I assumed she afterwards did register them as she registered another company's sim card...they thing is she didn't I realized today after wasting no less than 4 additional hours...

Don't be surprised if you see me moving to another city as rent went into zero point nothing. Have done close to nothing and got sleep close to nothing. 

This time, it won't be city according to individual who lambasted about voting - where his law and justice party won how he announced have lost and where they loose on how one is lying they will be based on Polish partisan tradition. City in which Polish partisans beat the crap out of nazi and their Polish crime collaborators and no longer what Duda/Kaczynski/ Morwaiecki/ Donald Tusk prepared...little by little I started to grasp not onoly what goes on, but what steps to take to protect my life in the right direction.

It won't be nothing as Buckingham palace/Trump dreamed about...keep moving jobless with semi broken spine from one location to another just to be beaten up and financially destroyed. Its where and when it ends for you/not me.

This black masks stalkers in Lodz remind more than anything of Polish neonazi collaborators during WWII who terrorized natives by being dressed in black and via killings.

Concerned on surface per why not posting videos while disallowing person to get less than half of minimum sleep. Sure sure...

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