Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Trump wasn't the only one with preemptive knowledge of government Coronavirus disaster - good portion of the society had one as well

Coronavirus will be gone now. Make no mistake about that

Journalists, government workers...question is what portion of the society knew about it...from case of my own, I can tell you that people were angry about what went on, but once they be came part of the story(they smelled money - got credits, got opportunities, chance to earn more and speculate), they became excited and as rotten as Trump alone. Crime no longer was prohibited. Crime seems to have become the way of life - lifestyle. They too have neighbors whom they will snack house from when deceased...they too have plans for themselves. This is what is wrong and this is why Trump today.

Trump infected world with crime and this regardless of its global location...this will greater much more unjust corrupt and CONTROLLED world. There will be civil riots...there will be civil wars and those(if forced) on run, will choose as last resort location which others have chosen as #1 choice in the past...lots lots of hypocrisy, lots of bigotry...lots of backstabbing and no one have tasted on his more than what I did.

Disconcern for other human beings is the main cause for what is happening.  China, without doubt on my mind, will become new leader of he world. 100% guaranteed.

Trump if anything positive about total evil, have proven that most of you if given chance would act the same. And that includes(FOREMOST) government human rights officials.

Coronavirus can be fun as you see...profitable and entertaining. Even experiment.

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