Wednesday, April 15, 2020

I will get through this and will evaluate in detail every finacial statement from each party involved in process - compare one with situation related to general population and based on what I will see then decide about who deserves what(if at all)

Duda knowingly sold past of Poland to Germany. Hoped along with Kaczynski for $$$$ regardless of how much damage this case could cause to nation. You will not get away with it.

 There are young in need of future eager to work, and there are other age groups in need of employment/assistance. What you have made out of this case obligates you to look behind you and assist others in need rather than watch yourself and only what stands infront of you. For those who will decline to see it this way and have earned special interets via this case, I will destroy you - and thats a promise.

In America they brainwash via "we don't care what is behind us;we care only whatever is infront of us"(lets say driving issues) - no no no...we do care about what is behind us !!! 

We care just as much as about whatever is infront of us because there is no tomorrow without yesterday !!!

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