Saturday, April 25, 2020

HATERS GONNA HATE: Song by Croatian Psihomodopop group made specially for me

Was brainwashed under MKutra in 2017 when in Poland to reject mentioned psychologist at all costs also via Croatian Psihomodo Pop group I cite, "Will do this song for you trying to remind you/ wake you up on time, but will probably be too late as you are heading to Poland soon....she is can get not one but many will be exploited destroyed and if you do we will destroy you too" - leader of group shared same view as few Ukrainians who referred to her as pollution/Russian bomb in the middle of Poland/Ukraine...

Told stated here first bye Musk some 10 years earlier and repeated time and again...old American psychologist excitingly cheered(laughed) to video - was excited about one, but insisted on my not releasing this news if I wouldn't get support from one as I would loose support in Croatia and others and on and on lies unlimited tra tra tra Donald Trump Buckingham palace club(you know they lie whenever they open their mouths).

And what anyways does she have to do with real Croatia and Ukraine where freedom oriented normal people(degraded by Trump - friend of Putin) women also live !!!????? The answer is nothing.

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