Tuesday, April 21, 2020

It bothers

to be demonstrated(reminded) how you will be ran over by the car if stating truth about who is behind all (next to masks show they orchestrated, they demonstrated me also this and is video recorded), it bothers to have a brave young vagabund baboon with few other collegues day earlier accross the street yawning loudly while acting as if jerking off to get my attention on what am told there is shit waiting on me will be killed(only day earlier), it bothers(same day) to observe another brave vagabund to loudly twist himself to get attention yawning again acting as in urge to toilet and then kicking angry empty can and so on...is disturbing to not be allowed to eat at the table not being allowed to eat in kitchen while having another dude smashing music from kitchen till half one am, disturbing to be brainwashed how you will only be helped if you keep mouth shut about what goes went on, disturbing to be thankful for lost 25 years if life and proofs which you finally obtain thanks to your own memory and broken spine. I dont need and dont want compassion from people who have a lots of strong words to say against Kaczynski, but no face to look in the eyes and admit to know me from thge past...Related to https://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2020/04/had-half-of-city-in-lodz-wear-black.html

I am not used to allow anyone to instill in me gratitude feelings as such for someone who colectively does stuff like this...for someone who took super large bribes for stuff like this for someone who is pointing out how country could get even more money if I could somehow keep my mouths shut and continue silently to search for quiet garage instead and for someone who at the same time is demonstrating me wealth which some have accumulated in Poland thanks to economy from West/Buck. palace. Is even audio recorded here stated. Issues as such go beyond discrimination racism...for someone to tell you will have to go to Moscow to stay alive and even succeed admit for his own people to be swines who will however without you continue road with Buck palace/ West. It doesnt work like this. Picture like this more looks to me like drek as we say in Slovenia. Want more money talk to those who sold me time and again with yoyr help and have attempted to sell even more.

@Pollacks and Poland ---- you also shit mouthed since 1996 that our Slovenian, Czech, Slovak Croatian, and others people are no good. Complained to our politicians that I was not the only one bad - that many others were like me(did so for the sake of freebies which they received as result - its like going in the store and accuse salesman treating bad and demand free merchandise as result - accuse person via torture that one is bad)...we will see about who good who bad. Those complain down on me that whole nation nations are as result seen as swines...we will see about that.

Related to https://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2020/04/had-half-of-city-in-lodz-wear-black.html

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