Sunday, April 26, 2020

Trump dreamed about light, desinfectant whatever killing Coronavirus already 20 years ago

as was tutored by government(he was told solution and modern treatments and he realize if acting stupid and presenting clues to solution will eventually look smart at the end). Sound idiotic because he acts idiotic playing with you on cameras, but will prove you with lies in fact he is "stable genius".
And its also case should be. Someone has to fight for your hearts and win them over. Most of you are not naive just dirty filthy hypocrites who know how its done. Act to not know only along with Alex Jones alike douchebags conspirators who add to anarchy.

Nobody told me under MK Ultra sleep wont be allowed. Harry signaled once as per they will exhaust me to the point that they will be capable to do anything incl. delivering me to them as pleased...but not Pollacks no. They knew nothing about it. Pollacks talked about how hard will be and that I will not make it(others who participated unhappily agreed with them too what was stranger than strange), but never mentioned my being disallowed to sleep.

Harry raised issue of safety for him when I would start writing about one.

Talked about London where lots of Pollacks are as no, its more Pollacks in Lodz city than in Lodon I tell you. It also makes sense to be as far as possible from crime scene during crime too. Canada/LA do just that.

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