Friday, April 17, 2020

Dr Oz(involved in MK Ultra case and concerned for your well being) tries to WAKE YOU UP along with me YOU IDIOTS

I have posted yesterday and few days earlier what seems to be as all you need to know about Coronavirus and Dr. Oz indirectly confirmed stated via self inflicting gaffe with idea to give you idea about what goes one and is as such now marked by some as inappropriate(its when decent human being have to even apologize for saving lives while someone in shadow can and does the unheard without ever going truly challaned)

Doctor Mehmet Oz is a great man and should be thanked for his input into Coronavirus mess which Buckingham palace along Washington DC have produced for the sake of their political agendas.

Trum also gestured while one will be gone soon from West, Russia will battle(use God knows what other issues to kill people under Coronavirus curtain as what is done frequently with outspoken people) one for much longer as they will need to get read of more opposition.

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