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Estimated 565 Billion Dollars damage to Ukraine so far - The total amount of one-time losses suffered by Ukraine since the start of Russian invasion already stands at $564.9 billion.

Ukraine’s war losses amount to $565B

I wonder how would they laugh if their countries were on fire...obviously its "us" and "them"...


The total amount of one-time losses suffered by Ukraine since the start of Russian invasion already stands at $564.9 billion.

This was announced by First Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine, Minister of Economy Yulia Svyrydenko on her Facebook page, Ukrinform reports.

Currently, the structure of the damage is as follows:

- $119 billion – loss of infrastructure (almost 8,000 km of roads, dozens of railway stations, airports destroyed and damaged);

- $112 billion – GDP losses in 2022;

- $90.5 billion – losses incurred by civilian population (10 million square meters of housing, 200,000 cars, and food security for 5 million people);

- $80 billion – losses of enterprises and organizations;

- $54 billion – losses of direct investment in the Ukrainian economy; and

- $48 billion – losses of the state budget. Read also: Russian troops shell residential houses in Kyiv Region, causing fires

"It should be noted that the figures change every day and, unfortunately, they are growing. That is why Ukraine, despite all obstacles, will seek to recover compensation from the aggressor - both through litigation and by gaining access to Russia’s frozen assets. Evil will inevitably be punished, and Russia will experience the full gravity of its own criminal actions on the territory of Ukraine," Svyrydenko stressed.

As reported earlier, the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine in April will start calculating the initial GDP losses due to the war unleashed by Russia.

On February 24, on the instructions of Russian President Putin, Russian troops began a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Russian forces have been shelling and bombing key infrastructure and residential areas of Ukrainian cities and villages, using artillery, rockets, and missiles.



About 5,000 people died in Mariupol during the Russian siege, including nearly 210 children.

The data was provided to the media by Mariupol Mayor Vadym Boychenko, Ukrinform reports.

"Twenty-seven days into the start of the siege, as of March 27, almost 5,000 people were killed in Mariupol, including about 210 children," the report says.

Throughout this period, enemy shelling and bombings damaged 2,340 apartment blocks, accounting for 90% of the total, of which 1,560 (60%) were hit directly and 1,040 (40%) destroyed. In the private sector 61,200 (90%) households were damaged, of which 40,800 (60%) were hit directly and 27,200 (40%) were destroyed.

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The Russian troops wreaked destruction on three hospitals and damage – on seven others. In addition, 57 schools and 70 kindergartens were affected, of which 23 and 28 were destroyed, respectively.

Two factories, a port, and a military unit have also sustained damage.

Before the blockade, up to 140,000 people fled Mariupol and 150,000 people were evacuated from the city after it was besieged. As many as 170,000 people remain under siege and 30, 000 were deported by Russia, Boychenko informs.

The mayor of Mariupol noted that these figures are only approximate, for it is impossible to accurately assess the losses until active hostilities subside.


Invaders destroy 1177 apartment blocks in Kharkiv - mayor

In Kharkiv, as a result of Russian shelling and air strikes, 1,177 apartment blocks have already been destroyed.

This was announced at a briefing by Kharkiv Mayor Ihor Terekhov on Monday, an Ukrinform correspondent reports.

"The Russian army, the aggressor's army is purposefully - I emphasize - purposefully, firing on residential neighborhoods. These are not just individual households, but entire neighborhoods. Residents are under total bombardment. To date, 1,410 objects have been destroyed in the city, of which 1,177 are multi-storey apartment blocks," Terekhov said.

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According to the mayor, 53 kindergartens, 69 schools, and 15 hospitals were destroyed as well.

This is the result of Russia’s aggression. At the same time, we are now forced to relocate people to schools, kindergartens, basements, and subway stations," said the mayor.

He added that volunteers, risking their lives, deliver food to storage facilities in areas where shelling never stops.

Utility services are also working under fire, in particular, 104 garbage trucks operated on March 28.

According to Terekhov, there are supermarkets operating in the city, and all basic necessities are available. Kharkiv is also receiving humanitarian aid from other cities, as well as from abroad, including from the United States: the city of Chicago has sent $880,000 worth of medications, which have been distributed to city clinics and a military hospital.

The mayor also stressed that the spirit of unity and struggle prevails in Kharkiv as residents have radically changed their attitude to the aggressor power.

"The city of Kharkiv is mostly a Russian-speaking city. Before the war started, almost one in four was in contact with relatives, acquaintances, and many friends in Russia. And the city of Kharkiv has always been considered more or less loyal to Russia. Today the attitude to Russia, the aggressor, the aggressor's troops has changed dramatically. I communicate with people every day. People could never have imagined in their worst nightmare that Russia would attack Ukraine, attack the city of Kharkiv. Today, each of us is ready to defend the city to the end. Kharkiv is united. We have an extraordinary spirit – the spirit of resistance, the spirit of fight, and the spirit of victory," said the mayor.

As Ukrinform reported earlier, Kharkiv has been shelled daily since the start of the full-scale war. According to the regional military administration, last night Russian troops fired about 59 artillery and mortar shells on the Kharkiv districts of Saltivka, Oleksiyivka, and Pyatyhatky, as well as on Chuhuiv and Derhachi in Kharkiv region. Also the region came under fore ot MLR systems nearly 180 times, including the Smerch-type, proscribed by international treaties. Fierce battles with the invaders continue in Izium.

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