Thursday, March 31, 2022

What started in 2002 and carried on since from Chinese side known as an offer(a guarantee) for airplane fighter jets manufacturing in Poland not only sale of planes is how far Chinese delegation was willing to go with offer to Poland to accomodate one

And what I gladly accepted from Chinese in 2002 while accompanied by Polish inside of this very room on a laptop just to be called aside immediately by CIA - Mitch McConnell and others on how they have better deal for us on the table and to reject deal...but rejection was not based on buyer accompanied by wholesaler only(a total cheat), Pollacks and Americans video recorded me rejecting the deal via torture in Slovenia which was latter once videos were obtained fortified further by Janez Ogulin
(now director of Novo mesto police) and his boss Anton Olaj(now director of Slovenian police in Ljubljana) who both rushed to curse me in my face claiming how I ruined even this deal to degree I became rejective toward everyone not only Chinese with whom they harassed me with to turn whole world against me - once Poles rejected the deal on my behalf in 2004, I became officially guilty in eyes of everyone in the Slovenian city of Novo mesto and whole thing became also a matter of inconvenience for Ukrainian politicians despite their claims about not knowing for the deal...they too knew all about it 
Beatings/torture accompanied with death threats(Olaj/Ogulin's mistreatment(guarantees from their end my having no chance to survive what to live for) that went on was severe for the sake of lies were severe.
I am unwilling to remain hostage for anyone's lies.

Lies because 2002 - 2004 offer/deal for also plane manufacturing was disputed by both sides repeatedly(Polish opposition and Ukraine alone which found out year latter in 2003/2004 all about it) on how those knew not about it...repeated lies to me even in 2015 to not say as if would present problems...

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