Monday, March 21, 2022

STOP TO MADE IN CHINA: Asian Uighurs on whom China declared its war are of Turkish origins - half Europeans

I don't see anything "communist" about so called People's republic of China. As a foreign investor or buyer, I would resort anywhere on globe for either manufacturing or purchasing except to China which is nothing other than death of humanity. Russia is bad, but China jump-started all this under Xi Jinping and his "communist" party(regular fascist club packed with little Hitlers)...withe members such as Russia and China inside of the United Nations, there is no place for normal...UN should throw both of this countries out of its membership.

China where brought for so called "MK Ultra"(it was again USA gave on power) engaged in heavy torture against me and will see one from here on as I should have on the first place.

China is not fighting Hitler from WWII, but one acts as Hitler against others - smaller size/weaker

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