Thursday, March 17, 2022

French Bettina worked in Paris - she served high class clientel of which prince Andrew happened so was also one of her clients

 Prior to sexual encounters with prince Andrew, I was to escort Bettina to local clinic where for thorough medical examination performed - but this was not ordinary examination. After test results she would obtain, second

BRITISH physician ransacked her in a very uncomfortable for female ways - also was psychologically abusive according to him to see how safe was to spend time next to her for his royal client...but Rolex clientele paid well(Andrew was a regular depressed drunk loser next to his brother Charles. Andrew needed at least something as a his own pocket money, so his gig amongst others were sales on behalf of Rolex - wholesalers would come together - three or more - I remember all Rolex watch sellers from Paris of which most already disappeared with exception of one) since it was Andrew who threw those watches on the table - French government observed from the side to keep Andrew/Charles happy. Bettina liked me and vice-versa, but she had a soft spot for guy from Spain with whom I believe she ended marrying - he in some ways reminded her of her best client according to her I got her - semi Dawson prince Andrew... these ladies would also give child at request, but as Bettina explained me at the time it would cost extra $$$...they did for politicians...

Ohhh, hello Andrew🙋...Fergie cheated on you !!??? Ohhh, every town all over Europe and on other locations worldwide not 1 or 2...but 3 more...while Charles was more selective(cautious), he too had fun - prince Charles at times borrowed from his brother Andrew literately...

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