Saturday, March 19, 2022

Buckingham palace, some American republicans which had Ukrainian immitators engaging in torture made me mad enough under MK Ultra for me to parade throughout Moscow and incite in war against Ukraine - year was 2017

Year was 2017(just prior to departure to Belarus) and princess Anne wanted from me a verbal confirmation that I do want Russian war with Ukraine for the sake of greater Russian territory for what British and Canadian royals also promised me with Russians to be financially well awarded - they both wanted to obtain black mark on me due to crime performed against Ukraine(espionage against Ukraine as I have explained already whenever brought to Ukraine by British journalists which were there to get dirt on Ukrainian politicians and targeted Ukrainian military personnel). which, however, was done without my knowledge

There are videos of me(drugged up) inciting Putin's supporters throughout Moscow and its suburbs in war against Ukraine wherever on Putin distributed me - videos in which Russians played good guy and I was used as a bad guy(obviously for the sake of those who abused me against Ukraine for them to cover their asses with Buckingham palace as number one client - whatever British royals screwed up by using me to profit from within, I was allways afterwards video recorded on how I wanted so and so on and so forth). These videos were obtained I was told by Americans as well as by Ukrainians.

All that Putin's hype about my being a nazi which Putin used to incite Russian troops into war against Ukraine and how one will prove Ukraine is a nazi state is a waste of time for Putin...Putin is a real nazi and for everything stated on this site, proofs exist.

This garbage I did in 2017 drugged up under MK Ultra, saved my life during stay in Belarus. Something I had no idea till I recently found photos of Putin's supporters...

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