Friday, March 18, 2022

A hair dresser that would come in our house was a private lover of director of police station in Novo mesto - Janez Ogulin

She, however, always was nice and cautious enough to warn me about speaking anything in respect to politics infront of her in private settings. Doesn't come anymore as she stated me under MK Ultra case would be as would create conflict of interests - moreover, so I cut father's hair for what I was told would be very bad for me in case he would appear at her place for haircut and even mother threatening how she wouldn't take one for a walk if not trimmed since according to her she alone wanted to get read of him(fat food and no walk). For every help given as was told case will be and was, attacks would follow in return and did make no mistake. Thats why personal touch on "hair trimming" issue was so important for psychiatrists(attack in return for favor).They all work together nice alright.

Involved in MK Ultra since 1995.

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