Friday, March 25, 2022

Physician who examined me yesterday offered me 2 types of aditional examinations

#1 Examination would be a use of tracking device with which my low heart-bit would be tracked 24 hours - I accepted

#2 Heart performance under physical stress test I rejected and its exactly this one according to this physician(what one claimed me under "MK Ultra") that would play detrimental role in my health development as one would prove to be crucial in latter stages of BULLSHIT HEART RELATED EXPLORATION game.

And so what is this !!??? Health examination !!??? Mk Ultra case or simply a butchery !!???? 

How can anyone even go on health examination with physicians like this !!????

It was this physician who hated me and downplayed everything I did my life gesturing me ongoing how I am dead - how the only thing he could do for me is refer me to "Holter heart bit device"(think year was 2012) which they got thanks to me and thats it...

Any one of you would like to have physicians like this use their services after what was done to you !!??? If so why would you want to use them for !!???? To give them alibi(exit) for crime against you !!????

Who would want to search help/assistance from butchers like this !!???

AUDIO V SLOVENSKEM JEZIKU/ IN SLOVENIAN LANGUAGE ONLY - Drugi obisk v Novomeški splošni bolnici(oddelek za urgence) glede bolečin v srčnem predelu telesa/Second visitation related to heart RELATED issues to Novo mesto general Hospital on March 24th 2022

Coming next is translation of few identified people involved in MK Ultra who also participated due to their own health related issues but during(at the same time) my medical examinations or whenever I was brought(drugged up) to this very hospital...

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