Thursday, March 31, 2022

My mother drinks 3x times a day 3dcl of milk with 1.5 dcl(half of cofee cup poisonus as hell too) instant cofee mixed in one - she is 85

 Claims to have pressure issues and writes number on papers which she is displacing all over the kitchen - still I don't dispute her problem EVEN THAT PSYCHIATRISTS I WITNESSED UNDER MK ULTRA INSISTED HER TO SUPPRESS DURING MY PRESENCE AND DUE TO STORES WHERE SHE IS PURCHASING SUBSTANCES TO A THIRD OF CONSUMPTION....She does this along pills for pressure...father is 90 years old diagnosed as "demented", but who know as hell what goes on around and drives car and does whatever requires precision/details and can recall whenever he wants whatever he wants...both are physically healthier than myself age 50. If I did drank one coffee cup of what my mother consumes three times a day, I do be found dead the next day. 

I get around not only using C vitamin as final seasoning to already prepared food in style of salt, cleaning kidneys liver with drinking water while walking, using whole lemon after meals or during walks - but knowing when to engage in pushups and pull-ups due to what I realized de-facto is contaminated blood. In another words, doing pushups/pull-ups with contaminated blood(I felt cramps above Achilles area as well as veins stretching on legs etc. even pain in heart chest area) pushes one through lymph nodes and heart and what consequently causes more damage...key is to clean blood first with long walk and water(specially in the mornings due to night residue in liver/kidneys area) while eating healthy and then utilise heavy exercise. My health drastically improved, but still is unacceptable as new normal and directed energy attacks(why I stated above) are a matter of reality during which I am severely punished for being alive 

Stated above I figured out myself helps me and its a primitive way to explain as I am not physician nor have time to investigate why, but it works for me...

Its not even about trying to live the normal way...AND WHEN YOU ARE PUNISHING ONE FOR TRYING TO BE ALIVE, YOU ARE DOING KILLING

I don't give three fucks about psychiatrists and suicide prevention program - its like sending those into concentration camp(experiment cell in this case - visit to daughter of Josef Fritzl) to learn why people there would want contemplate on one - rescue them from thoughts of tomorrow how everything done is for their benefit...lunacy, but not from my end - I will, however, finish one make no mistake about it.

 The telephone numbers from psychiatry in Novo mesto and Ljubljana including trauma departments mother displayed me all over the house - they had state people during MK Ultra threaten me with my behavior issues during what they refereed to as game, but as stated above I give three fucks about everything anyone has to say. You heard all I had to say from my end - will remain like this for as long as I am alive - same rules apply now for royals as did for Lukashenko in 2002...or anyone else for that matter. Just try to play MK Ultra again, and you will see(meet) me...real me.

She wrote all this in a single day(at once) - I never did a single measurement of blood pressure for myself since 2017 when I posted on here one...

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