Thursday, March 17, 2022

At Trska Gora near church of Marry's St. nativity, family who used to transport me to Bosnia to their friends on behalf of Novo mesto director Ogulin replicated through renovation procedure of old house a house from Bosnia

Ogulin and this family had big plans against me - anywhere from pedophilia related issues to trespassing property. Just a day earlier a resident next to Church of St. Marry's nativity who is has collapsed lungs left doors opened in the middle of the night(23000 hours) and per whom they brainwashed me on how I have to assist one if I observe anything unusual such as here mentioned appeared was sleeping completely unaware. I locked him doors and left one key after advising him what took place - I refused as brainwashed to under MK Ultra to enter his premises upstairs...when drugged up was brought numerous times inside outside his property instructed how to act, but he did advised me to be cautious whenever helping one with this issues as director of police on whom he depends will possibly use one to his advantage against me if in conflict with one. Others insisted me to visit prior to grating one assistance also other residents(inform others) which I did.

 Little Zondaya with small dog stepped(de elevated down lighted stairs as was incited by her father to meet her) out first thing in the evening hours from this very house then her mommy staged view infront of TV as was told case will be...I went up and down three times that evening and didn't video record mother who insisted me how I should just seat on fence and observe TV to meet her...Janez Ogulin had his own show with his daughter running during MK Ultra where he brought me...claimed eventually will pay off him, but I think man was/is a threat to society as whole not only myself


What you should know about a punctured lung

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