Tuesday, December 22, 2020

AUDIO ALL IN SLOVENIAN LANGUAGE: Original audio of post MK Ultra assault - all recorded today(Dec. 21st, 2020) at approximately 1945 hours

Video can be also seen at https://youtu.be/SwZiL1G1Ho0
You hear me screaming from pain and due to 30minute chokehold attempt to put me to sleep and if only possible on floor by two adult males - both weighing well over 110kg each vs myself about 73kg - two didn't not succeeded while I refused to throw punches(have only defended myself with twisting arms and body away from them who wouldn't let me go after initial attack - called for help what also seems to bother them - there were several other individuals who observed incident and what appeared to me as family members) at any of them to the time when police appeared.

Dogs(two of them) were behind fence, but memories of MK Ultra torture very much alive. So much in fact that I identified everyone involved in case including police officers. Neighbor with dogs of which one I believe was from Gedzo family and whom I have not observe from up closely as I determined is in my best interest to continue with walk instead is Slovenian.

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