Sunday, December 20, 2020

My prediction is that US Government took you all for a ride and Trump will win totally lost presidency before New Year's day if not already - dead people in US mount record high under COVID 19 and whole thing at least looks like patient waiting game with KKK boss in which you loose as January 20th of 2021 is still 30 days far from today.

 We have never ever had KKK boss advertising/offering virus vaccinations either to American nation and sure is a matter of priorities. Real priorities of which Trump alone is number 1 emergency in US.

I am not into conspiracies, but keep in mind this time real people are actually dyeing left and right of which none are nazi related....strange as it gets transfer of presidential power and great lack of command from the top.

Presidential elections are over, but NOBODY asks real questions either - questions concerning existence of American people today/NOW.

They collected information on people(WELL KNOWN FACT TO ME) for the last 26 years and trust me, they know when to press and on what buttons to get things done at the right moment the way it fits them.

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