Tuesday, December 8, 2020

WARNING TO SLOVENIAN NATIONAL LIBERATION(Osvobodilna Fronta Slovenije) FRONT: Slovenian president Borut Pahor wasn't behind crime in Czech republic and Poland only - he was/is involved in theft of the my car from free parking lot in Budapest as well

@Borut Pahor - thank you very much for warning me(threatening me repeatedly a decade) what the case would be if I would reveal who and what you are to public. 

@Slovenian National Liberation Front - if I get bill$$$ Mr. Borut Pahor threatened me also with AMERICANS INVOLVED IN MK ULTRA AND SLOVENIAN LOCALS(he used variety of instruments to make himself clear about his "backup plan"), I will no longer see you as his hostage but rather his instrument used to cloud reality about not only who did what, but also for Janez Janša who serves his interests and is currently dispatched on weapon purchase spree to Israel - for the cost of one billion Dollars and extension of NEONAZI global plan with which Borut Pahor has EVERYTHING TO DO. 

@Slovenian parliament - I will never ever allow anyone to prove me again wrong. Once I adapt irreversible decision about action(may do the same in case admission about MK Ultra crime comes from the outside of Slovenia just for you to know on how thin ice you are standing), you will become known in this world as a epicenter of neonazi evil. You(nor Poland will nor Czech rep.) will not wash crime in respect to my case of your shoulders for your entire existence. You probably will become a total neonazi bitch in which everybody will stick whatever will be on their mind.

Car was brought from Hungarian Budapest by neighbor Andrej Uhl in 2017(the one who have stolen me brand new tires off my Mazda in 2007 on what I barely escaped fatality).

Yes, tow vehicle did stalked me tonight just as I was told case will be(repeated incident from MK Ultra).

Slovenian government DECLINED TO ASSIT ME IN 20018 in respect to car theft from FREE PARKING LOT IN BUDAPEST as well as with tow bill which Hungarian government sent to me and have exceeded value of car alone(car returned to me was also vandalized - broken as seen on videos) while keeping me forcefully unemployed with psychiatric threats over the head 24/7. And while I am proud member of Slovenian National Liberation Front(resistance), I will not hesitate this time to prove what one served too, how, and why if again proven that stuff like this can be done to our people in a country which calls itself as rule of law state - a democracy.

My membership in such organization will not be taken as granted or as an instrument for me to tolerate above politician's cooperation with forces such as Viktor Orban and so on while ripping me apart...will not happen.

@Slovenian National Liberation Front - you will have to make a decision because you can't serve both(partisan movement and nazism) per convenience of your darling politician Pahor and I not up for grabs(not for sale) of any kind.

This isn't backup plan either - Pahor cooperated with Viktor Orban against me already in 2017 as stated above. 

Yes !!????

Has a lots of time on hand, but its a different rap now - no longer my problem.

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