Tuesday, December 15, 2020

"SIR ALFRED MY REAR": When brought to French airport to meet this anti Iranian anarchist lunatic, It came to me as clear that Buckingham palace has a double plan for me - under no circumstances such thing as "help" as Battenbergers(known also as Windsors) claimed case was in year 1995

Everything played out well for Buckingham palace which was in war with not only myself, but also Iran(and Iraq, and Syria, and Libya, and Afghanistan etc. and with whole Asia and with whole Africa and with whole world including British in Britain) from where individual was/is - little they cared about Persian people or other races as they had and have nothing but war against them on their mind. It was different that time or least cosmetically different for a while till again people figured them out.

I was forced to identify an individual per want to become now(1998) politically correct Buckingham palace which did nothing in prior years than neonazi brainwash on me - nazi brainwash didn't stop and went on instead and all depended on situation/needs they had in mind. Therefore order to me was to identify Mr. Mehran as white British(or otherwise as was told) knowing that drugged up as I was and without rest I would decline to have anything to do with insane airport situation on the first place. This explains Mehran gesturing on video how one is from Sweden or born in England(came up with it in 1999) and finally "SIR ALFRED" issue as one was taken from airport to Buckingham palace where UNOFFICIALLY knighted by queen Elisabeth and ordered too from there on to state his name as "SIR ALFRED" and no longer his real name if he is to continue to receive financial aid. 

Why !!!???? Well according to Charles as his new "SIR" will prove to be extremely lucrative for him financially - type of Buckingham palace scam in which everyone should see him/herself in it. Soon he was scheduled for movie by Steven Spielberg as money pored in even more in his pockets at the airport, but MACDONALDS EMPLOYEES WHO CAN CONFIRM HERE STATED(Asians) NO LONGER SAW ME AS RACIST, BUT INSTEAD BEGUN TO PROTEST ME HIS BEHAVIOR AS WAS RATED AS VISCIOUS INSENSITIVE BULLY WHO WANTED FOOD FOR FREE/ BEST SERVICE POSSIBLE WHILE LOADING HIS AIRPORT BANK ACOUNT WITH TONES OF DONATIONS. "SIR ALFRED" entrusted me how much resents me for rating him as non white and had therefore nooo plans on leaving airport till I would apologize to him or die homeless - basically whatever Buckingham palace brainwashed him into. 

I cite William/Harry(what followed on me because this royals would prefer their victims to eat themselves not only due to physical torture, but also other issues of which mental is #1):

"We now have Nelson Mandela against you if you ever go against us"....

"He wrote his book you have done nothing in between....Steven wrote scenario movie you have done nothing in between"....

Mehran insisted(provocated at airports toilets) on my stating to know him what would be a deadly for me situation back then. Same repeated from American side on numerous occasions...UNITED NATIONS OBSERVED HERE STATED AND ITS WHY IN PARTICULAR - I AM AGAIN DISTURBED WITH CRIMINAL CONDUCT OF ONE !!!

 When you add up all these together, you can only ask yourself why I gave that little in return for so much garbage thrown into me over the course of 26 years.
Think Buckingham palace !!?????

@Alfred Mehran - you will be sir when you learn to stand up for the truth - not your private banking accounts while claiming discrimination(even that nonofficial) against someone like myself and even your own country besieged(and impoverished - starved) by those who had you locked(allowed you to stay there to do cheap commercial for them) at the airport for 20 years. Just because you had a hard life which I believe you did, that doesn't mean you have the right to carry on war against others who have had one even worse than you did.

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